Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU):

This division consists of Monitoring & Evaluation, Surveillance and Research. Evidence based planning has been identified as the backbone of halting and reversing the HIV epidemic under the National AIDS Control Programme- III. Accordingly a Strategic Information Management Unit (SIMU) has been established in the state to maximize effective use of all available information and implement evidence-based planning. SIMU integrates all source of information and presents logical and rational information useful for decision making. The output from SIMU addresses strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, Surveillance and Research and assists Assam State AIDS Control Society in tracking the HIV epidemic in the state and the effectiveness of the program response

Monitoring and Evaluation is done with the Computerized Management Information System (CMIS) which links the implementation level with the policy level.

The CMIS data is an important area to be shaped in to a meaningful and useful form.

It is defined as sets of interrelated components that collect, process, store and distribute information to support decision-making, co-ordination and control in an organization from the implementation level with the policy level. This system will seek to achieve objective concurrent monitoring and evaluation at national and State levels.

To strengthen the CIMS which is implemented through the Blood Banks, AIDS Case Surveillance Report, TI Projects, STI/RTI Clinics, Integrated Counselling and Testing Centres (ICTC), Antiretroviral Therapy Centres (ART) and Community Care Centres (CCC) needs more emphasized from improvement of the soft ware, data generation, data analysis and input to the programme implementation level.

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