Prevention of Parent-To-Child Transmission (PPTCT) is a specific programme that provides a comprehensive, family-centered spectrum of support and clinical services along with other public health initiatives, to prevent the transmission of HIV from parents to their baby.

The PPTCT programme comprises of the following activities:

• Ante-Natal Check-up registration at health centres using Mother-Child Health card.
• HIV Counseling, Group Counseling on – Nutrition, Health & Hygiene, importance of regular antenatal check-up, motivation for institutional delivery, immunization, Safe Sex Methods.
• HIV testing of ante-natal mothers.
• Partner counseling and Testing.
• If positive, compulsory ART registration at the ART centre and Pre-ART preparation, CD4 count.
• Relevant referrals - TB, STI
• Enrolment and Line listing positive mothers for offering follow up services.
• Choices offered to the positive mothers – Termination of pregnancy, Continuation of pregnancy.
• Planning the delivery with the mother and her family – Place of delivery, mode of delivery (vaginal/caesarean - If the mother decides to deliver in another district, linkages with the respective district PPTCT and NGO is ensured by introduction to the block-in-charge, and Out-Reach Worker (ORW) for further follow-up.
• ART prophylaxis – Single dose Nevarapine to the Mother at the onset of labour pain and Baby on birth.
• ART- For those eligible for ART.
• Follow-up every month by ORW in selected districts namely Kamrup, Cachar and Karimganj using the ‘ORW Blue book’ - Regular home-visits by the ORW with consent of the mother/family. The Out-Reach Workers accompany the mother during labour to hospital.

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