Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) programme:

To implement the Antiretroviral Therapy programme, ART Centres are established where eligible persons with HIV/AIDS requiring ART are identified through laboratory services (HIV testing, CD4 Count and other required investigations) and provide free ARV drugs to eligible persons with HIV/AIDS continuously by counselling before and during treatment for ensuring drug adherence. AT present 6 ART Centres (including 2 ART Plus Centres and 1 FIART Centre) and 11 Link ART Centres (2 Link ART Plus Centres) are functioning in the state.

CD4 testing services:

To measure the CD4 counts of the ART registered patients, four CD4 testing centres have been established so that ART treatment can be initiated to the ART registered patients on accurate time. At present 4 (four) CD4 testing centres are functioning in the 4 Medical Colleges of the state.

Care and Support Services (CSC):

Under this service, care & support are provided to the persons infected and affected with HIV/AIDS. At present 4 CSCs are functioning in the state in NGO set up.

Opportunistic Infection (OI) & Post Exposer Prophylaxis (PEP) Management:

Drugs for OI are provided and distributed free of cost to the HIV patients through the ART Centres and Link ART Centres of the state. PEP is also provided to the Health care providers all over the state through Medical Colleges, District hospitals and FRUs/CHCs (with ICTC) of the State. The drugs are made available with the Superintendents of these Hospitals.

Institutional Strengthening (IS):

The main function of this component is to build the capacity of the staffs and administrative/financial management of the AIDS Control activities in the state. Financial Management is done through CPFMS (Computerized Project Financial Management System).

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